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Photos from DragonCon 2013

September 9, 2013

These are mostly costume/cosplay pictures, but there are some celebrity pictures in here as well.


Boston Comic Con 2012 – Some Pictures

April 22, 2012

While nowhere near the scale of Dragon*con, Boston Comic Con was still a good sized event and it got pretty crowded at times. The featured guests were Paul Coker, Jr., Al Jaffee and Al Feldstein from Mad Magazine. But the real highlight is the guest artists Рdozens of them occupying more than half the exhibition hall signing prints and originals and doing onsite commission pieces. Of course there were plenty of costumes too!

Dragon*con 2011 – Photos From Around The ‘Con

September 7, 2011

This is just the first few pictures. Click here for the full gallery.

Dragon*con 2011 Costume Parade Photos

September 7, 2011

While there is some overlap between the photo gallery and the videos, I only had the one camera and switched back and forth between still and video modes. So the content is not identical.

This is just the first few pictures. Click here to go to the full gallery.