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Klingon Costume Notes

September 9, 2011

HoDQIH YotlhtIr B’TraughH

The following are some of my notes from making my Klingon battle dress costume for Dragon*con. This is in no way intended to be a comprehensive guide to making a near-identical costume for yourself, but rather to augment the information that others have posted.

I think it is important to let anyone who is considering making a costume like this know that it is extremely hot to wear. If you have trouble with heat or dehydration, consider an alternative costume.

Q’IDar has the most expansive advice I was able to find. Her tutorials include an excellent overview of materials and fabrics, as well as definitions of the basic parts of the uniform which I found very helpful. Though I deviated from her plan in many respects, I still found her pages a valuable resource.
Madwulf also has some good tips. Though again, I did not specifically follow his plan.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine  (DS9) seasons four through seven have the most Klingon-centric episodes of any of the Next Generation series (TNG).
This picture of Gowron was a constant reference.
Monster Makers for foam latex, and mold making supplies.
911 Buy Costumes / J&N Joke Shop Had the best price on the boots, and they’re local to me, so no shipping charge!
Hol’ampaS is a great online Klingon dictionary. Click the “pIqaD” tab to get a Klingon script generator.
Michaels Arts & Crafts
Joann Fabric & Crafts

Miss Star Trek Universe 2011 Video

September 7, 2011

The light was too poor for good pictures. The video below is highlights from the talent portion of the pageant. I’ve edited it so that the winner and runner-up appear first, followed by shorter segments from the other contestants. ┬áThe winner was a Tribble, who sang about her dream of peace between Klingons and Tribbles. The runner-up portrayed Lal, the android created by Data in the TNG episode The Offspring. She played a number of Star Trek themes on English horn.

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Dragon*con 2011 – Photos From Around The ‘Con

September 7, 2011

This is just the first few pictures. Click here for the full gallery.

Dragon*con Costume Parade Videos

September 7, 2011

All four parts equal about half the parade. There is some overlap between the videos and photos, but they are not identical. Click here for the full photo gallery.

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Dragon*con 2011 Costume Parade Photos

September 7, 2011

While there is some overlap between the photo gallery and the videos, I only had the one camera and switched back and forth between still and video modes. So the content is not identical.

This is just the first few pictures. Click here to go to the full gallery.