Klingon Gauntlet Redesign and Other Tweaks

After wearing my Klingon uniform for just a short time the deficiencies of my gauntlet design and construction became intolerable. In short, they did not look anywhere near good enough for how fragile they were. They’d slide down my arm and I’d pull off a part when pulling them back up. The use of foiled paper for the calligraphic characters just looked bad in the end.

This picture of Kurn shows clearly that I had made some very incorrect deductions

about the basic design, so my originals were “inauthentic.”

While my new design is not precisely identical to that pictured above, it is far more similar than my previous one and I am quite happy with it.

Where I had previously used a segment of vinyl tubing as a “bead” around the cuffs, the new design features a “welting.” That’s a pre-made piece which allows a bead to be sewn into the cuff. I made this by gluing a piece of rope lengthwise to a strip of vinyl, folding it over and clamping it with binder clips.


After many experiments I came up with this pattern for the gauntlets:

The concave edges will be sewn together, the convex ones will be the cuffs. I added thin strips of vinyl to the inside of each cuff to give the illusion that they are double sided. This shows the gauntlet, the false backs and a strip of welting:

I took a lot of patience (and a lot of pins!) to join the pieces. I did not have access to a sewing machine that could sew close to the welting, so It was sewn by hand.

I added a snap to the inside of the gauntlet, which corresponds to a snap on the sleeve of the uniform jacket. Geometry causes the gauntlet to continually slide down the sleeve. Making the gauntlet tighter does not solve the problem. The only solution is to have some sort of attachment. I chose not to sew them together, thinking that could make repairs difficult. I decided against Velcro because the fur on the sleeves would get stuck in the hooks.

Reasoning that the origin of calligraphy (on Earth) is based on pen or brush strokes, I practiced writing the characters for my initials with a brush, adding some flourishes. I eventually got some that looked  good, scanned the shapes into Photoshop, cleaned them up and combined them into a stylized logo. Here’s the plain characters on the left, my calligraphic version on the right:

I traced and cut the calligraphy out of craft foam.

I’ve learned the hard way to be redundant. Though I was only making two gauntlets, I cut out and painted five calligraphy pieces.

After many coats of paint, I selected the two best and glued them to the gauntlets. I marked the center line, “puffed” the gauntlets out with bubble wrap and taped the characters with blue painter’s tape.

Still need a couple of tweaks, e.g., I’ll move the snap on the sleeve a little higher, but overall I’m happy with the result! Oh yeah, I put spikes on my gloves too!

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