Mission Log & Treknologic Podcasts

Though the universe does not suffer from a shortage of Star Trek themed podcasts, I’ve found two that I think are definitely worth a listen. Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast features hosts John Champion and Ken Ray reviewing every Trek episode and movie in broadcast order (As I write, they are midway through TNG season 1). They specifically look at the morals, messages and meanings of the episodes and talk about how well they hold up over the years. It’s the podcast to listen to if you want to hear how The Corbomite Maneuver is really an examination of the 5 stages of grief. The show is produced by Rod Roddenberry, Gene Roddenberry’s son, and so has access to many “discovered documents” from the Roddenberry archives. But don’t be dissuaded by the “official” stamp! They are often quite critical and have no qualms about pointing out when things don’t work.

For a lighter, more irreverent, often silly look at the world of Trek, check out Treknologic: A Star Trek Podcast. Helmed by a large, occasionally rotating crew, Treknologic discusses Trek episodes out of order. Often one of the casters will chose an episode to review because he/she knows some of the others will not like it. After discussing each episode and rating it on a 1-10 scale, they move on to a fun Trek trivia game. They also post “Listening Post” episodes, in which they play voicemails, and read emails from listeners.


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