Supergods by Grant Morrison

supergods“Before it was a bomb, The Bomb was an idea. But Superman, however was a faster, stronger, better idea. It’s not that I needed Superman to be real; I just needed him to be more real than the The Bomb that ravaged my dreams.”


Grant Morrison is one of today’s top comic writers. He’s responsible for some of the modern incarnations of Superman, Batman and The X-Men, among others. In Supergods he bounces back and forth between a general history of the evolution of hero comics and his own personal story. One part how we got to where we are, the other part how I got to where I am. This approach brings an often-missing perspective to these parallel stories. He doesn’t just write about how he appreciates his favorite comic artists and writers, but about how they influenced him and helped him – and the rest of the field – to grow.

But while the story is engaging, the prose is nothing short of elegant (especially as read by John Lee on the Audible audiobook). It’s as if the whole book was written with William Gibson’s first sentences. It’s an engaging story and beautiful writing. This book is simply outstanding. Even if you’re not a hardcore comic fan, if as much of your comic knowledge comes from movie adaptations as from print comics, you will enjoy this book.

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